9 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

The side hustle has been around forever; however, Millennials have really begun to master the art of the side hustle and turned it into a sustaining lifestyle.

Even though I cannot guarantee you that the next side hustle you start is going to be some life-changing experience, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot and see. You never know, it might end up like my car detailing side hustle or eventually, hopefully, this blog.

As young parents, it’s so hard to find time to do anything- and I totally get that. However, I encourage you to make time to pursue this. What about that extra hour in the evening that you stay up and watch TV mindlessly? Or maybe you could wake up an extra hour early!

No one ever said it would be easy to get rid of the student loan debt we have accumulated, but when it’s paid off, think of all the freedom you will have! We must throw off the chains of debt that bind us!

Here Are 9 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend


If you love animals, they love you, and you have a strong sense of responsibility, pet-sitting maybe your ideal side hustle!

Did you know that there are even have apps out there, such as Rover or DogVacay, to help you find your next pet-sitting job?! P.S. As I am writing this, we are looking for someone to watch our dogs while we head to Cambodia and Thailand. I am amazed out how difficult it is to find someone! The demand is definitely there, so maybe it is

P.S. As I am writing this, we are looking for someone to watch our dogs while we head to Cambodia and Thailand. I am amazed out how difficult it is to find someone! The demand is definitely there, so maybe it is time that you supply your talents!

2. Start A Blog

Obviously, this is one of my favorites! Before I began, I read and researched how to start a blog and make money for months. Then, one day I decided to take the leap, purchase my first domain and start writing!

While blogging can be started on a weekend, you must be in it for the long haul if you want to make some serious money with it! But then again, it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Blogging is one of the cheapest side hustles you can start. At under $100, it’s pretty hard not to pass up something that can be life changing as well!

3. Drive For Uber

I personally have never done this for money before, but I have taken a few Ubers in my lifetime and had a great experience! I think it would be an awesome side hustle, especially if you like to meet people!

4. Start Detailing Cars

This one is also near and dear to my heart as this is what I would call the side hustle that started all of this!

While it is easier, and eventually recommended, to have the nice new tools to clean cars, they are not necessary when you first start! In fact, I began my entire company with $10 and ended up making $1,000/week from car detailing.

Pro Tip: Attention to detail is a must in this business! Also, squirt an amazing smelling spray in the air vents. This way, when the customer turns on the car, they get this amazing smell of clean and fresh!

5. Mow Lawns

While this is probably the oldest side hustle, it still works! I see neighbor kids doing this all the time. Heck, I even earned my first Xbox-360 with this side hustle!

It took a TON of lawns at only $10/lawn!!!

But I have a few friends that have made this into a full-time career, and they love it!

6. Become A Virtual Assistant

I can tell you from personal experience that this is one many online entrepreneurs need! While an entrepreneur does not have to start out with one, I have learned that doing what you do best, and hiring others to do what they do best, works to everyone’s benefit. I know that my virtual assistant is extremely valuable!

Here is the key to starting a side hustle: hire out what you are not good at, that way you have the best possible end product!

If you are organized and can do some basic emails and editing, this is certainly the right job for you!

7. Become A Tutor

Since I hate schoolwork, I would never be caught dead being a tutor; however, I know a lot of friends who have made great side incomes off this side hustle!

If you like teaching and are good with patience, this may be an awesome side hustle for you!  I know there are tons of you guys out there that are way smarter than me and actually love doing school work!

I do love blog coaching, so I think I could call myself somewhat of a tutor?

8. Buying And Selling On eBay/Facebook Sites

I myself do this on a very small scale, but have friends who make a full time living from doing this! It always amazes me how much money people are willing to pay for, in my opinion, old crap! Let’s be honest, we recently had a garage sale where I was given over 7 business cards of people who garage sale shop for a living…..

So if you have a good eye for old things and know what things are worth, hit up some garage sales or storage auctions this weekend and then turn around and sell them for a profit.

9. Editing Content

While this gig can be all over the place in pay, you can easily do multiple people’s content at once.

You would be surprised at how many bloggers have editors! I am finding that most bloggers do not have the specialty of editing. This is where it is crucial to hire out things to others who have a specific talent.

I know for me I suck at grammar and sentence flow, but I have the ideas and an amazing editor that can make it sound awesome!

Pro Tip: I pay to use Grammarly as well and still have an editor! They truly make the world of difference!