Selling Scrap Copper For Cash – What You Need To Know

If you are thinking of selling scrap copper for cash, there are a few things you need to consider before you do it. This is especially true if you are considering a direct approach where you pick up the used copper from a dump or wreck site, dismantle it and sell off the pieces in order to recoup your costs.

For many industrial users, the direct approach and all the work that comes with it is not a feasible option as it will involve moving heavy and bulky objects and requires a large space to store the items. An important consideration is that recycling copper that has been used for this purpose may not always be the most environmentally sound way to go, particularly if the metals have been found in soil that is heavily populated.

Get Estimates

If you want to sell scrap copper for cash, it is a good idea to get estimates from local scrap metal recycling centres. A lot of these organisations offer money-back guarantees that can cover at least some of the expense that you would incur if you decide to take this route. This can help you work out a fair price before you make your first purchase. Many places also have to charge a fee for sending the scrap to them – although this is normally only a small amount, it is worth enquiring about before taking on the business yourself.

Check Out Local Recycling Centres

The way that scrap copper is melted down for the making of new copper wire is by exposing it to high temperatures with a catalyst. This takes a few days, so you will need to be prepared to spend a weekend or more in order to send it off. If you are interested in recycling scrap copper, it is worth checking out local recycling centres in your area, as they may have the equipment to melt the copper wire down for you and use the resulting copper to create a new wire.

Separating The Copper

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For the most part, the copper wiring recycling scrap metal buyer will sell the wire in strip sections. It is then necessary to separate the copper wires into thin strips by scraping or by hand, before the seller sends them away to the recycling company. Some sellers do not remove the insulation from the copper wires, so you may have to carefully dismantle the items in order to separate them. Some sellers, however, will remove the insulation from the wires before putting them on the scrap metal auction block. Before you send the items to the auction block, make sure you check each piece carefully to ensure that it is all intact.

Options On Selling Your Scrap Copper

The money-making aspect of recycling scrap copper is in the reselling of the items. If you can somehow get the copper wires from a broken device, or an old appliance you no longer use, you can usually sell them to recyclers for a lot of money. You can sell scrap copper for cash at home in your own garage, or you can sell it to recyclers through an online auction. When you sell copper for cash in Sydney as well as in other cities, you can collect money for your copper wiring recycling, which is one way to earn extra money as you continue your recycling efforts.

In addition to recycling devices and appliances, you can also sell scrap copper to scrap yards. Scrap yards purchase old, broken, and unwanted electrical equipment and other items. Instead of throwing these items away, they often refurbish them, sell them, and pocket the difference between what they sell the materials for and the actual cost of the item.

If you can find an appliance that is still in good condition, or if you have scrap copper remaining from your previous project, you could sell it to scrap yards. You would probably need to find out whether the people in the area to accept this type of collection before attempting this method.