Toys You’ve Owned As A Child Which Could Be Worth A Lot Now

In this era, a lot of things are technical and digital now. Some of the primitive stuff we owned back then don’t really matter anymore when compared to things like smart phones. The thing is, smart phones are REALLY important and CRAZY expensive. You use them for communication and work, not to mention we rely on it too much to the point of it being unhealthy. The sad thing is that it’s normal to be obsessed over your phone now.

So what do a bunch of old toys we played as kids when smart phones haven’t been invented yet have against technology in this day and age?

I’ll tell you what.

Rarity. And novelty.

You wouldn’t believe how expensive they are now, what with people who like to collect “vintage” stuff spreading everywhere. It makes sense that they would want these and are willing to pay a price for them. You can’t exactly find them as easily as it had been back then. They’re like the rare baseball cards we used to collect a long time ago. So if you want to make a quick buck to increase the expenses you have at home, what with being a dad now and all, then go scavenge your old toy chest and see if you can sell them for a price. The expensive old toys are:

Beanie Babies

Rare ones – couple of hundred pounds.

Polly Pockets

Mint condition – £1,000 and over

Rare jewel cases – £10-£30

Pokémon Cards

Holographic Shadowless Charizard – £9,000

Shining Charizard  – £2,600


Most of them – £10-£30

Rare multi-coloured version – £200

Super Soakers

Monster XL regularly fetches – £130-200

Super Soaker 50 – £30-50


Still in their boxes – £50-100

Opened – £10-20

Special and rare editions – £80-100

Diamond tamagotchis – £30-60

Rare diamond – up to £100

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Depends on the card number


Sometimes it depends on how much kilo you have

Specific bundles – £50

Larger bundles of mini figures – £100

Star Wars – up to £3,000

Taj Mahal set – over £1,000

Café Corner – over £2,000

Happy Meal Toys

101 Dalmatians toys from 1996 – £50

Disney VHS tapes

Not over £10 each

Harry Potter books

The original ones that were credited to Joanne Rowling rather than J.K. Rowling -£28,850 – 39, 700

Advance proof copies – £5000

First editions and deluxe -£320 – 1,800

Game Boy

Normally – £60

Still in sealed boxes – £250

Mario Kart 64

Normally – £30

With original box – £40-50

iPod Classic

first generation – £100-200

second generation – £50-100

My Little Pony

Mimic the twinkle eye Unicorn – £150


From the 50’s and 60’s –over thousands of pounds