Gift Ideas For Your Art-Loving Children

Giving some art supplies to your little kiddies is simple enough and not too much on the budget. Though there are indeed some supplies that real struggling artists need but can’t buy, pandering to children should be easier than that. And why go for the basic supplies that they can buy on their own with their allowance? Give them something creative!

Crayola Crayon Melter

This one’s a crafting tool that makes you reuse the old crayons that you don’t want to use anymore. With children being a little fickle and having a short attention span, they wouldn’t even want to look at their old crayons anymore and would prefer to use newer ones. I can attest to this when I was a child, but that doesn’t matter. The Crayola Melter is safe for kids so go ahead and get this for your art-loving kids.

Permanent Paint Pens for Rock Painting or Ceramics

Kids like to doodle on just about everything. And while this may give you a headache and more childish vandalism in the house than you’re willing to clean, these pens are great for their creative juices. It lets them paint and write over rocks and anything ceramic, where areas regular pens or crayons would just slide through and not really have much of an impact. They can even design their own favourite mugs using these.

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

This is a favourite. Kids like bright and colourful stuff, so having their art get bright and colourful like fairy lights is guaranteed to keep them busy for a few days until they get tired of it. This light board lets them create their art into the board, which will then brighten like lights once prompted to do so. See what we mean about creative supplies to get for them?

Ooly Creatibles DIY Window Cling Kit

This one is basically something that designs your windows. Why not let your kids do it for you with their adorable drawings that is surely going to improve as time comes? It’s only a matter of time, after all. That is, if they don’t get bored of it too soon. Nonetheless, it’s a nice thing to get for them. Children, after all, love colourful stuff. And in a way, we adults too, since we are colour enhances our moods once we see a bunch of them. Why do you think we like fireworks and fields of flowers so much? It’s a chemical thing you don’t need to worry about.

In the end, you’re making your kids happy by getting them something that actually makes them happy. Regardless if your kid isn’t really the type to create, they will still be happy and excited if they were given something by you. That’s all that really matters. And if your kid IS someone who has talent, then you are kitting two birds with one stone.