Why Getting A Side Hustle Is Needed

While it certainly is reassuring that we have a job that pays fairly well, our expenses doesn’t actually just stop as time goes. There will be a time in the future where you would need to pay for something on a monthly basis on top of the usual bills and expenses that you have. Your salary wouldn’t be able to catch up to that, hence why you need another job on top of the one you already heavy.

A certain percent of people in UK, around 40% or so, already have side-hustles. If you didn’t know already, a side-hustle is simply a side job that you get that isn’t really your main job. If you treat your day-to-day job as school, then a side-hustle is basically just a part-time job. To put it simply, at least.

Main reasons:

Some wages aren’t growing

Not all of them aren’t growing of course. Some even provide easy promotion while others have an increase depending on the quality of work you do. However, we cannot deny that some jobs out there are just not worth the wait for an increase. You may become sick of the constant grind with no possible outcome or change, causing you to feel stuck. So of course, you turn to find a different available job while not really quitting the current one you have. It still pays the bills so there’s no way you’re quitting that.

Bills and housing keeps going up

I do find it weird why the cost of living always go up. Some don’t really do any increase while some places make sure to make the living expenses rise like there’s no tomorrow. Our salary isn’t going to catch up to that if we want to eat for the next few days. You either get yourself side-hustle to be able to pay for that, or you beg for a promotion.

Time is wasted after work

No overtime means no additional pay, yet you can still go for another few hours to get that extra dollar or pound. What are you going to do after work? Go home? Go drinking? Why would you do that when you can contribute your extra hour of energy being productive? A side job is the perfect thing for that. You can either go sewing or maybe do a little freelance writing after work. That’s additional pay. Freelance writing in particular, can get you so far.

It’s educational

Being in the same work for so many years, you tend to operate in a narrow-like range and would sometimes have people tell you what to do. You’ll be able to have a whole new arsenal of skills if you have another thing that you do on a daily basis. Learning is important, even when we grow older. It would keep us progressive in humanity, at least.