Preparing For Your Scheduled Gate Installation – What You Should Know

So, you finally went ahead and booked that new electric gate installation and in a matter of weeks, the team of technicians will arrive, accompanied by the new gates, which would be in various sections, ready for installation. In order to facilitate the work, here are a few preparation tips to ensure that all goes well.

  • Setting Concrete – In some cases, the existing supports are either inadequate or unsuitable and the installation team would make an appointment a few days ahead of the installation to set the support posts in concrete. This would certainly be the case with commercial electric sliding gates, which would be very heavy and require solid supports on both sides. This is a very precise process, as the posts must be perfectly square and set at just the right distance apart to accommodate the gates.
  • Clearing The Immediate Area – It is likely that the supplier would ask you to clear the immediate area of any man-made items such as basketball hoops, soccer goals or any frames that might be laying around. This gives the team full access and they might have to dig out a channel and space for the electric motor to be set under the ground. The team will have to move heavy objects and don’t want to trip over things, so do check the driveway the day before they arrive.
  • Children And Pets – The family dog won’t take kindly to strangers digging up the entrance, so he should be kept indoors; the same applies to young kids, who might get in the way. Of course, it’s natural that they wish to observe, which can be done safely from the window. The cat would probably not be a problem and if possible, remove all the vehicles from the driveway, as this will give the team all the space they need.
  • Wi-Fi – If the installation includes CCTV and an intercom system, you will need to have a Wi-Fi Box installed somewhere at the front of the property – the installers of metal or wooden driveway gates would request this in advance, then they can configure the system and teach you how to use it. There’s no need to use cables with digital solutions and a corresponding app will provide you with all the functions, including gate operation.
  • Trees & Shrubs – In some cases, pruning needs to be carried out before the gates can be installed and the gate supplier would request this if it is required. If, for example, you are changing from side-opening to an electric sliding gate, there could be trees or shrubs that need to be removed to accommodate the gate’s operation.

If you would like to learn more about electric sliding gates, search online for a leading custom gate company as they have all the solutions, with a customised approach and a range of add-ons and features. The company would be happy to send a representative to your home or business premises, where you can discuss the many options.

With the above preparation tips, the installation team can get on with the job at hand and before you know it, your new security gates will be installed and ready for use.