Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger With These Tips

If you visualise a huge sparkler on your wedding finger that everyone notices, the harsh reality of cost can put pay to that dream. Yet, all is not lost.

There are a few ways that you can make the ring look larger than it is. We asked a custom jeweller who makes diamond engagement rings for a living, about ways to achieve more of a sparkle.

  • Focus on the cut – Most people assume the only way to make a diamond appear bigger is to choose a heavier stone. While that would do it, the cut that you choose can make a big difference. Whatever cut you choose, we advise you to opt for a stone with a cut grade of ‘very good’ or ‘excellent. The cut grade measures the level of fire, or brilliance, and the range goes from poor, good, very good to excellent.
  • Choosing a diamond shape – This is where you can trick the beholder into thinking you have a large sparkler on your finger; ideal shapes include emerald, marquise, pear and oval, while shapes to avoid are asscher and princess cut. It makes total sense to have the ring hand-made by a leading custom jeweller, rather than choosing one from the shelf. If it isn’t diamonds that excite you, you can buy ruby stone Australia jewellers like Certified Diamond Network have as they can create the perfect ruby engagement ring for you.
  • Choose a lower clarity grade – If you choose an ‘excellent’ cut grade, you can reduce the cost slightly by choosing a lower clarity grade, as clarity does not impact the stone’s brilliance. This is definitely something to discuss with the custom jeweller and once he knows you are looking for max sparkle, he can advise accordingly.
  • Halo setting – A one-carat central stone with a halo of pave diamonds will look like a 2-carat sparkler; the halo setting is really in vogue this year and is the best setting if you want your central stone to look huge. Google Images can show you stunning diamond engagement rings with halo settings, mixed gemstones and coloured diamonds are also an option.
  • Slimline setting – If you want the central stone to seem larger, choose a slimline and delicate setting, which makes the diamond look larger. This is something the custom jeweller would suggest if you want maximum sparkle and with the right cut.
  • Platinum – A platinum ring exhibits a sheen that reflects light and this gives the impression of a larger diamond. Platinum is an ideal choice because it doesn’t tarnish easily and it is very durable. Talk to a custom jeweller about choice of metal and they will likely recommend this shiny metal.

When you make contact with a leading custom jeweller, make sure to mention that you want a central diamond with maximum sparkle and the expert can use numerous techniques to enhance the stone’s brilliance.