Why Giving Is Best Accomplished Together

Marriage and Giving

When my wife and I got married, we often talked about what we wanted to accomplish together. One thing that was extremely important to both of us was helping others.

However, while we both knew we wanted to help people, we had two completely different approaches to this subject. Honestly, that has caused some turmoil and a struggle between us. I would say that it has taken us almost 4 years of marriage to begin to discover how our ideas of giving and helping others aligned together, and we still have not mastered it!

*Reason number 5 BILLION while marriage is a lifelong commitment to understanding each other*

So you guys just getting married, remember that marriage means bringing two opinions and definitions together as a team while trying to discover a new combined understanding of everything- including giving. But when you do, it’s incredible!

Does Giving Have To Be Financial?

NOT AT ALL! Giving financially is awesome, but only if you are at a place to do so! Often, you can give your time and energy to help a cause you care so much about!

We all have busy lives and most of us have young kids that require all our attentions and resources. When possible though, try and give something small (whether time or money). When you give, you discover a deeper motivation to be debt-free.

How Does This Fit With My Finances?

If you are in a spot, like I am, where I am actively working on my budget, saving every penny I can to pay off my student loans, and working multiple side hustles, then you are on the right track towards proactive giving!

Giving is something that can bring amazing joy and a sense of accomplishment, but we can’t give if we are chained to debt for the rest of our lives!

Don’t lose that passion you have for giving to others and helping them! Make that one of your goals to get out of debt! You want to be so financially free that you can give your time and money to something you believe in!

What My Wife And I Have Learned About Giving

We have come a long way from our initial ideas about helping others. For me, giving meant money. For her, it meant time and helping with children.

So is giving something we accomplished together, and should you do it as a couple? YES, giving can and is best accomplished together! It can bring so much joy when you and your spouse are pursuing giving together!

For us, giving means we are passionately pursuing the work my wife is doing in stopping sex trafficking through Destiny Rescue. This is our passion, and we each have a part in helping these girls. My role is to create an income and find new ways to be smarter with our money so that we can afford to do trips and sponsor things. Marissa works hard at her job at Destiny Rescue- which allows her to love on these kids,- supports my work, and helps us stick to our budget.

We are able to pursue giving because we are working hard at our jobs, on my blog, and various other side-hustles. We want to be financially free so that we can freely give.

If we had not started a budget and talked about where and how we wanted to give, then we would not have had extra money for this!

What Have I learned Personally?

One of the most important things I have learned about giving and probably the main reason behind this blog.

This means building a strong foundation of money management, working hard to pursue multiple income sources, knowing your spouse’s dreams and desires, and conquering all debt so that we can be totally focused on serving and using our resources for others!